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Catering for the needs of our elderly community in South Yorkshire.

Providing the very best in residential and short term respite care, we believe we offer the preferred choice for care in your area.

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Take confidence in our philosophy of care

Finding the right care home for either yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task. We provide stimulating and happy social environments with a range of activities, trips and events throughout the year. We have worked closely with Local Authorities and Primary Care Trust to provide care support for the elderly for over 20 years.

A welcome and informative approach to relatives and friends are openly practiced so that they are able to play a role in the care that our staff deliver.

Quality nursing and residential care supportis given on an individual basis, the high standards that we set ourselves are guaranteed.

All our staff are friendly, motivated and attuned to the needs of all residents. High team spirits and professional attitudes are the key to our success. To maintain these standards, our staff are constantly enroled on service training programmes.

Wholesome and varied home cooked meals are served and any special dietary needs catered for.

Allied Professional Services are provided with personal choice where appropriate, eg reflexology, physiotherapy, chiropody and hairdressing. Our care also means the cultural and spiritual needs of the individual residents are respected. Motovation, self awareness and decision making is encouraged.

All our homes provide not only residential care, but also short term respite care.

Fully Trained Staff At All Times
  • All our staff have acheived, or are in the process of achieving NVQ Level 2.

  • At least one Registered Nurse in all our nursing homes at all times

  • Our staff also consists of a Recreational Therapist who organises a programme of daily activities.
Providing constant stimulation
  • In-house Recreational Therapist
  • Activities provided 5 days a week
  • Day trips to local beauty spots and coastal trips

Hermes Care
Ackroyd Clinic,
Kingsway, 183 Moorgate Rd
S60 3AX

Tel: 01709 364422


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